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Archos 101 one click root for firmware 2.0.71 using Archangel

Download rar file with apk:

dump.ru/file/5037798 or depositfiles.com/files/7sh8g638s or archaism-archangel-1.rar

rar password: cea69e0419

sha1sum of apk: 80ff2925e12b8d3f2e9c0cabd5b294e6556b2e3f

Archangel one-click-root from the Archaism Team

This will give you temporary or permanent root on your Archos 101 - firmware 2.0.71

Archos are kind enough to provide a SDE firmware which can allow root access, but involves some significant changes to the system and they say that they will invalidate your warranty if you install it. This is a bit frightening for new owners.

Archangel solves this with a painless one-click-root which you can uninstall at any time. It does not use the SDE developer firmware.

This was specifically designed for the Archos 101 with firmware 2.0.71 - it may work on other Archos devices or firmwares, but has not been tested and is not recommended for them.

If you find this application useful, please donate to those great forums who have given the android root community so much. Encourage them to keep up their great work. We are fans of C-Skills Blog, XDA Developers and Modaco Forum.

When installed, this app will use approx 10mb of storage space. Don't run it if you don't have that much spare.

Usage Instructions:

1) Make sure you have 10mb of space available on the internal storage 2) Make sure you are connected on Wifi 3) Run the Archangel app 4) Click to install SuperUser application 5) Click to get root! 6) Check everything is working correctly, try an app which needs root 7) Once you have root you can tick the «Permanent» root option to always have root. 8) Party Hard!

To turn off root, either just reboot, or turn off permanent root and reboot if you had enabled it.

To uninstall, just uninstall like any other app. You may also want to use the menu item to clean up before you uninstall.

You can create a script in /sdcard/sdcard/extraroot.sh and this will be executed as root whenver you reboot, so you can use this to do any additional root functions you want.


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